You will find Hobby related items and interesting collectibles on this website.  Membership usage so that you can share your hobbies and collections is still being developed and not yet available.  However, any item you see on this site with a Buy Now or Add to Cart button is available for sale.  Most items are shipped directly to you via USPS by providing your appropriate mailing address during checkout.  If you wish to schedule a personal pick-up by visiting Belmont, North Carolina, please indicate this in the Order Comments field when placing your order.  Optionally, you can use our Contact Us page prior to placing an order.

Shoppers and customers can view the hobby related items via this website since no physical storefront is available.  Occasionally, items are presented for sale at Trains Shows in various North and South Carolina cities.  Typically, hundreds of items are available every day.  However, it takes a lot of time to examine items, photograph them, and list them online.  Therefore, it is a good idea to visit this site often to see the latest items for sale.  Occasionally, you may use the contact us page if you are looking for something specific that you feel you may have seen for sale at one of the Train Shows.  Most items are provided through consignors which means the majority of the inventory consist of one-of-a-kind items.  Some of the items may be used or previously opened.  New Vintage items show up a lot as well.  If an item is supposed to operate, best efforts are made to test its operation and video record the testing so you can see for yourself how good the item operates.  During the first year of this website’s existence, it was determined that it is best to test even new, factory sealed items that are supposed to operate before listing them because nothing is more frustrating or disappointing than to buy something that might be 20 or 30 years old, appears to be new in its original box, only to receive it and discover that it doesn’t work because time has not been kind to it.   An item’s condition should be present on every listed item.  Some of the items are collector specials, limited editions, or have become rare finds simply due to the fact that very few of them are available anymore.   If a tested item fails and appears to be repairable at reasonable costs, then the item may be fixed, and its repair costs added to its value.  Occasionally, items are bundled together with others thus increasing their attraction and value.  Great care is expended to provide items to you in the best condition possible and to disclose any substantial known or discovered abrasions or defects that affect the quality or performance of an item.  It is believed that you will be pleased with the variety and condition of the items available here.  Please Note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  When you place an order, it will be fulfilled promptly and shipped to you with care.  NO Refunds will be provided under any circumstance.  Deliveries are insured with the carrier for the sales value.  Any item lost or damaged in shipping, please file a claim with the carrier as all items are non-replaceable.

Items have a tendency to be consigned in large batches.  The preparation process is time consuming.  Sometimes it is necessary to upload large lists of items at time before the photos or videos can be taken.  Please be patient if photos are not available for a listed item.  If an item has a buy or add to cart button wherever it is mentioned, it can still be purchased with or without attached photos.

The first hobby this site was started with was model trains.  Christmas Cards and Christmas Ornaments followed.  Now most of the inventory is trains related items.  Eventually, this will be expanded to many different hobbies.  In 2023, Subscription-based Membership should be launched, and subscribers will be able to share their photos and videos of their hobbies plus get discounts on the hobbies they buy directly from this site.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find something here that interest you or a great gift for yourself or someone you care about.

Thank you kindly!

Updated March 25th, 2023, from the original 10/21/2018 posting.

Showing 1–12 of 103 results

Showing 1–12 of 103 results