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SOLO in the Spotlight Barbie doll Keychain

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Basic Fun, Inc’s licensed Mattel, Inc. SOLO in the SPOTLIGHT Barbie Doll Keychain is one of several different styled Barbie Keychains.  This one has Blonde hair.  The doll is 4″ tall from Head to Toe.  And it REALLY WORKS!  Each Keychain features:

  • Movable Arms, Legs, Head, or Accessories
  • Other Unique Distinctions

The box also suggests that you Collect Them All.  However, I’m not sure how many were made.  The box says the Entire Series consist of Selected Styles from 1959 to 1975!  The Good News is that the KQ Collection has at least 4 of them:  2 Original Barbie Doll Keychains [Introduced in 1959] and 2 SOLO in the SPOTLIGHT Barbie Doll Keychains (1 Brown Haired and the other Blonde Haired) [Introduced in 1960].  You can collect those from ShowMyHobby as they become available.  Interestingly, all 4 of these have the same Item No. of 701-0 on their boxes.

This Barbie Doll Keychain is NEW.  I didn’t open this one, but it may have been opened as the tape on the bottom of the box was cut.  The doll does not look as if it was removed from its plastic carton though.  It comes in its original hanging display box (which has a few curves and slight bends in it but is in very good shape).  I will reapply magic tape over the same spots that were taped originally to prevent the box from opening during shipping.

The box makes 1 statement that I disagree with.  It says, “TEEN AGE FASHION MODEL KEYCHAIN”.  This is now the 4th Barbie that I am listing on eBay and thus far, I have listed all of them as “An Adult Fashion Doll”.  The original Barbie Doll was marketed as a 19-year-old and released March 9, 1959.  Her full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts.  Over the years her age may have fluctuated, but if you consider that the definition of a Teenager is someone between the ages of 13 and 17, Barbie doesn’t qualify.  At age 18, Americans are considered Adults and while some of the inspiration for the creation of Barbie came from Europe, Ruth Handler created a 19-year-old doll that she named in honor of her real daughter Barbara.  Research suggest that Barbara was 15 when her mother Ruth came up with the idea of Barbie.  But Barbara was 18, an Adult, when the Barbie doll was first released in 1959.  Barbara was married that same year.  So, agree with me or not, Barbie is an ADULT doll and not a teenage doll.  And if that information shocks you, the “Ken” doll is named after Barbara’s real brother named “Ken”.  And despite all the different styles of Barbie Dolls and all the tales that go with them, Barbie and Ken were never married, and Barbie remains single at age 19 (+ up to maybe 2 to 4 years older in some styles).

Age Grade: 5 years & up.
Warning: Choking Hazard – Small parts Not for children under 3 years.

Here is the storyline for the SOLO in the Spotlight Barbie (from the back of the actual SOLO in the Spotlight Barbie Doll (1984 Special Edition Reproduction of the 1960 11-1/2″ Doll)) [Also available from ShowMyHobby]:

The lights dim.  A hush falls over the audience.  Barbie steps up to the microphone just as she did in 1960, wearing the most popular vintage fashion of all time, Solo in the Spotlight.

From its close-fitting gown with a sassy flounce and single red rose, to the long, sleek gloves and open-toe heels, everything about her sensational look captures the drama and style of the early 1960s.

This Special Edition reproduction is a second chance to begin at the beginning, or to start a Barbie doll collection for a special little girl in your life!

This authentic Barbie Doll Keychain is part of a sizeable collection of Dolls belonging to KQ.  The entire KQ collection is on consignment at ShowMyHobby.  Get the dolls that interest you the most.  Check my other listings often to see what doll gets posted next.


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