Abandoned Donation Page

This page appears if you abandon the donation process before successfully donating to ShowMyHobby.com. I personally appreciate your interest in considering supporting my efforts to make your ShowMyHobby.com experience better. I hope that you have enjoyed your visit(s) to the site and found something that was informative or useful for you. I hope that you will continue to visit my site and when the ability to become a subscribed member is a available, I hope you will consider joining the site.

I operate a couple businesses to make a living and I enjoy traveling when I can. It takes a lot of time to do the things I do, so without a dedicated team of developers and contributors to work on this site, I can only maintain it and improve it a little bit at a time. If you have viewed some of my videos, you can see that I have overcrowded my home with too many trains. A dedicated building for the trains would really improve the quality of what I am able to share with visitors of this site. And by being able to hire additional programmers and website developers, I should be able to get the exciting ideas that I have for this site to come to fruition much, much sooner than it is taking me to get there. Every little bit helps. You may have a hobby besides model railroading that I would love to be able to help you showcase and share with your friends and family that are not physically in the same space as you. My intent with this site is to eventually develop it to a point where doing that is extremely easy to do for anyone, anywhere. You could be instrumental in making it possible for everyone to enjoy this site better as well as their hobbies better. And in my opinion, hobbies bring people together even more.

I feel like I had a wonderful, well-rounded upbringing that was enhanced by my hobbies of model trains, radio-controlled planes, cars, and boats; model rockets, and electric race car sets. Reading about electronics and how to electrically wire my trains opened me up to the world of computers. Learning how to cut wood, use hand tools, design layouts, and then build them, add scenery, and repair damaged pieces made it possible for me to be able to do home repairs, fix electronics, and repair computers. Model Railroading is the Greatest Hobby In the World because there is so much that one can do and there is something that just about everyone can find that they love about a portion of the hobby. I also like to travel to the degree that traveling has become a hobby and I love being able to combine it with my model railroading hobby. If I visit a place that I can see a train exhibit, ride on a model or a real train, enjoy a layout made by someone else, or add a new train item to my collection, then I do it. The traveling section will soon open on this website and visitors will be able to see some of the places I’ve been and some of the train items that I have either ridden on or acquired during those trips. I also recently started the People Who Love Trains section which can link visitors to endless hours of fascinating information about other people and their love of trains.

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to help improve this site and what it offers to others, feel free to donate any amount of money you are comfortable with providing.

Take care and continued success to you in your endeavors.



July 24th, 2023