About ShowMyHobby.com Prize Sweepstakes

This page identifies and discloses all information related to ShowMyHobby.com’s (SMH’s) Prize Sweepstakes. Here you will read what it is about, when it was started, when it happens, all its rules and procedures, as well as how winners are selected, contacted, and how prizes are awarded.

When did the Sweepstakes begin?

The first event SMH Prize Sweepstakes started March 31st, 2023 at the Hickory Train Show.

What is SMH’s Prize Sweepstakes?

It is a marketing technique to increase our email marketing lists. By law, a sweepstakes is considered a game of chance and therefore those participating in the game are typically known as players. The sweepstakes is conducted only during live events where SMH is displaying products for sale.

When and where are the Sweepstakes conducted?

SMH is an online website that participates in Train Show sales events and other train related events. Whenever SMH is registered to attend such events is WHEN the sweepstakes may take place. The location of the sweepstakes are on the premises of whatever the event is and typically only at the tables or booths where SMH’s products are located. SMH is typically present at the Asheville and Hickory train shows each year plus other locations based on inventory levels.

How does one enter or play the Sweepstakes?

The arena for the game is wherever and whenever SMH is present and onsite at an aforementioned type of site and has present there a sweepstakes reception box. This box is a multicolored, cardboard, shoe box with a hole in the top of it to receive sweepstake entries. Nearby will be player entry cards which are double-sided, printed, postcards exactly like the ones in the main photo of this page. In fact, if you wish to prepare yourself prior to visiting an event, you may print the photo and fill-in your entry information prior to arrival. To play the sweepstakes, player fill-in the blanks on the entry form side of the sweepstakes playing card (or their printed equivalent thereof). Printed copies need to be the 4.25″ x 5.5″, the same size as all SMH provided entry cards. To answer any question that has a Yes blank, only write a check mark in front of the word Yes if “yes” is your applicable answer. For “No” or any other response, leave the blank empty. When your entry is complete, place your player card in the hole on the top of the sweepstakes reception box. Please only provide 1 entry per valid name or email address. To increase your chances of winning, you may enter once per day at multiple events throughout the year.

What is the Prize?

Before each event where an SMH Prize Sweepstakes will be held, SMH will select and announce one single prize. The prize will be usable by all recipients meaning the winner does not have to be a model railroader, have a model railroad, trains, or be interested in trains at all. Use of the selected prize will not require any knowledge or affiliation with trains. And, as with all prizes of any kind, winners can do whatever they wish with the prize once they receive it.

When are drawings held and what is the process after that?

One winner will be selected by random drawing from the received entries in the sweepstakes reception box within 2 days of the end of the event.  The Winner will be notified via email within 3 business days of the end of the event.  Winner will have up to 3 business days to respond to their notification email with their shipping address in order to receive the prize.  The winning prize will be shipped to the responding winner within 7 days of the winner’s appropriate email response at SMH’s expense.  No alternates will be selected or notified should the randomly selected winner fail to respond in time.

What happens to the information provided on a player’s sweepstakes entry form?

The email address and other information submitted by entrants will be input into SMH’s marketing system.  Entrants will be sent a Marketing List registration invitation.  Entrants may decline or accept.  Acceptance may have users create and/or login to a user account on this website where marketing campaigns may be conducted. Users may delete their account or remove themselves from the marketing system at any time.  SMH may use email addresses and info to notify marketing members of new products, services, or upcoming events. SMH does not send out frequent notifications. At best, marketing members might receive up to 2 SMH emails per month. SMH does not disclose or share marketing information with any other organization. However, SMH may use email notifications services developed by other companies who might have the right to capture and/or share email addresses and/or other contact information entered into their system.

Other concerns regarding the use of your information and SMH policies.

The manager of SMH does not like to be bothered by unsolicited or even aggressive and numerous emails, nor does he allow marketing systems to take advantage of his members. Should you ever receive a piece of marketing material such an email claiming to be from SMH that disturbs you or at a frequency of more than twice a month, please forward that email to the email address from whence you received your first invitation to join SMH’s marketing list along with your personal message as to what is going on. The manager will investigate the issue to determine if any marketing system provider is abusing or breaching any terms of service agreed to by SMH and put a stop to offensive or abusive behavior by his standards. If rectification cannot be achieved to his standards, bare minimum SMH will remove you from its marketing lists and demand that the offending email campaign provider issue you a formal apology and also remove your information from their system. If they fail to do so, SMH should have agreements in place to charge such offenders and abusers for violation of privacy and breach of contract per incident.

SMH has zero tolerance for SPAM. SMH will not provide you with spam even under the can spam act. You should only receive a promotional email from SMH if you have explicitly provided us with your email address for the purpose of notifying you when pre-established conditions are met to do so and never with promotional information more than a frequency of twice a month. The manager forbids such actions. Violators will be charged outrageously for any and all offenses.

The SMH Prize Sweepstakes is not designed to increase the number of emails you receive from us or anyone else by more than twice a month, if that often. Be very suspicious of any email delivered to you claiming to be from SMH that occurs more than twice a month and report all such incidents to our manager.