Consign Your Hobby

Get Your TRAINS Sold by!

Do you have TRAINS for Sale?

Show My Hobby can sale your trains for you in a target rich environment.  We specialize mostly in HO and N scale model trains that operate using electricity.  We may consider other scales as well such as O, S, and G.  We accept trains in Good to New condition and preferably in original packaging.  We sell trains and model railroad related items on a consignment basis.  We sell trains at train shows within a 3 hour radius of Belmont and all over the world via the Internet.  Thus far we’ve sent trains as far away from here as Australia.

How do I Get My Trains Sold by

If you have trains you would like for to sell for you, you:

  1. View, Print and Sign the Consignment agreement.
  2. Provide us with a list of the items you want sold, their condition and asking price
    1. Print and Write Items on a piece of paper
    2. or Download and Enter items into a spreadsheet.
  3. Deliver your items to us.

We use the following websites to sell trains, hobbies and other hobby related items: ™ ™ ™ ™