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Hickory NC Train Show 2024 – 4/5 … 4/6

Date: Friday, April 5th thru Saturday, April 6th, 2024
Location(s): Hickory Metro Center
Address: 1960 13th Ave Dr SE #5186, Hickory, NC 28602

Hours: Friday, April 5, 2024, Noon to 7 PM
Saturday, April 6, 2023, 9 AM to 3 PM

Admission: Adults $7.00, ($10 for both days).  Attendees under 12 years old get in FREE. Free Parking.

Features: There will be hundreds of tables featuring model trains in all scales, railroadiana, railroad artifacts and antiques, and several operating model railroad layouts. Admission is $7 for adults, $10 for adult 2-day passes, and free for all under the age of 12. All proceeds from the event will go to the railroad history preservation efforts at the Southeastern Narrow Gauge & Shortline Museum at 1123 N. Main Ave. in Newton, NC, and the Museum will be open regular hours during the show! 

Hickory’s 22nd Annual Train Show will be occupying 3 of the train tables at the Hickory Train Show. Once you arrive, you will have to find me among the other vendors and attractions. I have lots of great trains in very good condition or better. This year, I still have some S scale trains available, almost all of them are in their original boxes in very good condition. The collection includes mostly steam era trains but also includes a couple diesel locomotives. I have A.C. Gilbert American Flyer by Lionel and many trains by American Models. If you are an S scaler, this will be a great opportunity for you to pick up some additions for your layout or collection. However, please visit my website and view the S-Scale trains available and pre-order them, if you can. Although I will have a lot of the S scale items with me and some O scale items, I will probably have them underneath the tables since they take up so much space. So, unless you ask about them, you may not see them or be aware that they are there. If you are interested in starting your own S scale layout, you might be the first lucky person to pick-up the very realistic American Models’ tracks that I have which happen to be enough track to create a double mainline layout. I have 2 different radius curves available for 2 circles. If you cannot make this event, it’s okay, you’ll find a few of the items for sale on my website.

If you are coming to the train show and wish to pre-purchase items from my website, use one 1 of the following coupon codes indicating which day you plan to pick-up the items. Purchase before Wednesday at midnight, April 3rd, 2024 using the appropriate coupon code and no shipping charges will be charged online. After midnight Wednesday, items sold online will begin shipping on Monday after the show.

I also have lots of great vintage HO scale items, many of them are simply NEW items in their original boxes that are 10, 15, 20 or more years old. Some items are factory-built kits and others are kits that someone put together, but rarely, if ever, ran on a layout. I also have USED trains. The majority of all trains I have for sale are in good to very good condition. I also have lots of BUILDINGS and STRUCTURES. The buildings and structures take up a lot of table space at shows so sometimes it is hard to put those out on the tables. I have a lot of HO Bachmann Plasticville snap-together buildings that can be assembled in less than a minute. So, if you are interested in HO Scale buildings, please ASK me as many of them many not be out on the tables. A manual HO scale Atlas turntable is also available.

Athearn, Tyco, Bachmann, AHM, Lionel, American Models, S-Helper Service, Life-Like, Atlas, Roundhouse, Model Power, Midwest Products, Shinohara, Campbell, Con-Cor, Faller, MRC, Train-Miniature, and Walthers are just some of the manufacturers that I have from. Road names include everyone from Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe to Western Pacific railroad. So come on out, bring the family, see some model trains, and buy a train or train related item either for yourself, a loved one or as a gift for someone. Incidentally, electronic gift cards are available online on my website so if you need to, buy someone a pre-paid gift card and then send them to the show to pick something out. Obviously, the gift cards only work at my tables or for online purchases on my website (with the latter being the best way to use them.)

I am going to have a raffle registration on the table at the show. Fill-out the entry form if you wish to be on my direct emailing list and place your entry in the box. After the show, I will randomly pull one of the entries and email the winner. The prize will be the following display model trains that are currently up for sale on my website as 2 HO-like Classic Trolley Street & Cable Cars. One is the streetcar named Desire and the other is the Powell & Mason streetcar. I will email the winner and ask them to provide their shipping address. Once received, I will ship the prize to them on Monday. Because these are display models, they can easily be used by everyone regardless of whether or not you have an operational HO scale train layout. View the prize items on my website at this link address:

The following pictures and videos are from previous Train Shows and represent a walk around of the tables I had there. Many of the items are still for sale now. sells trains, train related items, and other collectible items at train shows and online via my website as well as on eBay. Most of the items offered for sale are consigned items. If you have a collection of trains you would like to get rid of, you can consign your trains by visiting the following link: I will be attending other train shows throughout the rest of year which provides a great opportunity for your items to be sold. Many of the items currently available have been consigned by model railroaders getting out of the hobby and by recipients who inherited items from the estates of modelers and collectors. I can help your trains find new homes if you want me to. I prefer HO and N scale trains but can eventually sell most trains. I have a large collection of German and European trains that will be featured at future train shows.

If you are looking for electric model trains and accessories in HO scale, N scale, O scale, S scale and G scale, then attend the train show and stop by tables and check-out the model railroad related items I have for sale. I accept CASH and ALL Plastic Credit or Debit cards. I have Ready-To-Run items and kit items that require assembly. You will find a multitude of great items to choose from at this train show. Whether you are just getting started in model railroading or have been involved in it for a long time, you’ll find something that interest you at the train show and hopefully you’ll find something on my tables that you’ll want to take home and add to your collection or purchase as a gift for someone you know that loves trains.

If you only prefer to buy NEW train stuff from the internet and have it delivered to your home, visit If you do not see what you like or want among my inventory, use the Factory Direct Hobbies link on website and get a discount off your next Factory Direct Hobbies purchase. The owner of Factory Direct Hobbies used to participate at local NC train shows. Now he has really taken his business to the next level and his success has recently allowed him to save Although MTS is not back-up and running yet, when they do become operational again and get their rewards programming functioning, there is a link on my site to them as well that previously saved you money on your purchases.

Hope to see you at the Hickory NC Train Show!

Happy Model Railroading and Train Rail Fanning …


Review the latest update to the list of consigned items. You may see something listed that you like and want to make sure you get it. You can actually BUY ITEMS BEFORE THE TRAIN SHOW and then Visit the Train Show and pick them up without paying for shipping. Follow the instructions and use the coupon code mentioned below.

Although I haven’t taken pictures of Most of the items in the Consignment List, I am going to import the majority of the listed items into the website early Tuesday morning the 26th of September. You will easily identify these items on my website because they won’t have a picture that matches the item or there will be a note in the description of a pictured item that the item shouldn’t be ordered for shipping purposes because the packaging information is incorrect.

Instructions for Buying Train Related Items prior to the Train Show and Picking them up:

  1. While viewing items in the SHOP on my website, add items you want to the shopping cart.
  2. When you have everything you want in the cart, apply the coupon code that corresponds to the Day of the Show that you will be picking up your items: HTSPKUPFRI or HTSPKUPSAT. These coupon codes will remove the shipping charges from the total amount due.
  3. Buy the items prior to midnight on Wednesday, April 3rd.
  4. Print-out or write down your order including the order number.
  5. Arrive at the Train Show Friday or Saturday. (Admission cost to get into this Train Show is $7 per adult. Children under 12 get in free.)
  6. Locate my tables by asking any Show Vendor or Representative (as I do not know exactly where my tables will be located yet).
  7. Tell me your order number or show me your printed order receipt and I will hand you your web-ordered item(s).

Additional information that you should be aware of:

Remember, all sales via ShowMyHobby are final. All items are sold “As Is”. No items are returnable. And No Refunds are provided for any items sold. These policies apply to ALL items and ALL sales whether made online, in person, or at a Train Show.

If you buy items using the Train Show Pickup Coupon Code, you must show-up during the published show hours and pick-up your items directly from me / No other vendor is responsible for the items you purchased, nor may any other vendor supply you with the items that you purchased from It is a good idea to show up at least 2 hours prior to the published end of show time. I am often not completely set-up during the first 1 to 2 hours of the first show day. Arriving between 12 PM and 2 PM is the best time to pick-up your online orders during a Train Show.

I’m not certain exactly where my tables will be at the Train Show. Ask around and someone should be able to direct you to my area. The coupon code will EXPIRE at midnight on Wednesday the 3rd. However, any order placed after 11 PM may not make it into my car so make sure you purchase your order prior to 11 PM. Also, be aware that I leave Thursday morning the 4th for this particular train show, so your order must be placed by 11 pm Wednesday night. Any order placed after 11 PM could get the items sold again without me being aware that they were sold on the website. I will print the items sold inventory pick list at 11 PM. I would end the coupon earlier if I could, but the system doesn’t allow me to change the time of day on which the coupon ends. Coupons end at midnight.

If you fail to show-up and pick up your order, next week I will package your items, weigh the box, and email you an invoice for the actual shipping costs plus payment processing fees. You will need to pay that invoice and then your items will be shipped to you. Be aware: the shipping fees will most likely differ significantly from any shipping charges my website may show you before you enter the coupon code. This will happen because in order for me to import items into my website, I must SPECIFY a PACKAGED WEIGHT and SIZE for every item. Since I haven’t taken a picture of several hundred of the items, it means that I also haven’t yet WEIGHED those same items or measured them to know what size shipping box will be required to ship them. To import the items, I am going to assign the same fictitious weight and box dimensions to all the imported items. This weight may not be anywhere close to the real size and weight of any particular item. My website automatically calculates the shipping box(es) size and total combined weight for multiple items based on whatever these figures are associated with each item. During the days prior to this upcoming Train Show, it is not a good idea to purchase items without pictures online if you do not plan to pick them up at the train show. Shipping charges for those items may be grossly incorrect.

To avoid unpleasant circumstances and inconveniences, try your best to pick-up any online ordered items at the Train Show. If you fail to pick-up items and further fail to promptly pay the invoice to ship items to you, you forfeit any monies you paid for the items or the right to receive the items. No refunds will be issued! Additionally, you subject your yourself to possible collection actions that might also include additional charges such as restocking fees. Please be certain to PICK-UP items at the Show or promptly pay shipping invoices if you are unable to make the train show.

The Prize Sweepstakes may be available if there is space to present the Sweepstakes Reception Box. (Follow this link for the prize available for this show)

I look forward to seeing you at the Hickory NC Train Show on April 5th or 6th, 2024.

The photos are from past train shows and may show items that are no longer available for purchase.

The updated listed of All Consigned Items as of 9/13/2023. You can also use the Shop Via List for a better interactive list.