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You can now join our Mail List directly at any time via this page. Simply fill out the form below and click the Subscribe button. Our Mail List will be used for marketing purposes only starting in May of 2024. All buyers making purchases directly from this website automatically get enrolled in our Mail List. It is currently the closest thing we have to a Newsletter, however, mailings do not and will not occur on a frequent enough or predictable schedule to be named a newsletter.

Although I have not reviewed the entries in the Mail List as of May 2024, there are over 300 contacts already on the list. I do not think any of these contacts were added automatically with purchases previously made via eBay. However, I cannot be certain of that. Should we use eBay again in the future, I will update this section if I notice that eBay buyers are also automatically added to the Mail List. Additionally, since this website was originally created in 2018, I have noticed that hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people have been able to add themselves to a WordPress List where they were issued a system generated password. I think the WordPress List is separate from the Mail List. Soon, I will manage the WordPress List and if I can combine or transfer the WordPress List to the Mail List, I will notify people on the WordPress List that they are being transferred to the Mail List and provide a link to this page so that one can understand what is occurring.

Please do not confuse being on the Mail List with being an active ShowMyHobby Membership Subscriber. The Membership Subscriptions have not yet been turned on. Membership Subscribers will pay a monthly fee to maintain active memberships and will be able to post their own hobbies and collections on this site to be viewed by others and their specific guests. As the process of being a Membership subscriber involves signing up and buying the membership from this site, at that time, buyers will automatically be added to the Mail List because they purchased a Membership Subscription.

You can Manage your Mail List participation using the links presented in every message sent to you from us using the Mail List as the source of your email address used by us to contact you. Currently, SMS text messaging isn’t in use via our marketing efforts.

We do not share email addresses with other companies or sell contact information. However, in order to fulfill orders, we must either receive or share your contact information with our online card processor which is typically PayPal and with Shipping Carriers such as USPS and UPS. We may begin sending infrequent marketing materials beginning in May of 2024. Thank you for joining our Mail List.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact me.


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About the Mail List pop-up. As many of you may be aware, I am very much against pop-up and interruptive ads and things of a similar nature disrupting me when I am doing anything and everything. I despise the process and wish it had never been invented. So, if you have a similar aversion to such behavior, I totally agree with you. However, and unfortunately, the use of pop-ups and interruptive ads have proven to be the absolute best way to promote and market things via the internet. It has become so widely used that the email marketing tools used on this website have embedded the pop-up display as part of the Mail List sign-up process. All I am able to do is choose WHEN the pop-up shows up. It can either show up immediately the moment you first arrive at this site, within a specified number of seconds after you arrive, when you take an action, such as scrolling, or when you attempt to leave this site. I chose the last option to try to be the least intrusive as possible. I apologize for this deeply as I do not like any of these behaviors at all, but I am forced to choose one of the aforementioned pop-up behaviors in order to provide a Mail List sign-up form. While this page provides a form that anyone can visit whenever they choose to do so, I’m told that having on the site will not increase my Mail List as effectively as the pop-up. We will see what happens. So, forgive the interruption. If you are not on the Mail List, every time you visit this site and then go to leave it, a pop-up will display. Thank you for your tolerance, understanding, and your recurring visits.