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Thank you for your donation. Every dollar helps. I personally appreciate you helping to fund the improvements of this website and the quality of the information, videos, and services that can provide.

The next main goal is to get a dedicated building up and running for the trains and other hobbies. The plot of land that is currently useable has zoning regulations that limit the size of the building to 750 sq. ft. The size of the building can be increased dramatically if enough funds can be raised to purchase the adjoining property. The building has to be erected on a cement platform and will require contractors to plumb, electrify, and finish the interior after the metal building installers complete their work. If more property can be purchased, the building built on it currently has plans to enable it to pay for its long-term operational costs and maintenance. A 750 sq ft building would continue to be maintained by me and proceeds from

Again, thank you kindly for your donation. Feel free to continue to check-up on my progress and to contribute again whenever you are comfortable in doing so. Enjoy what the site has to offer and look forward to the upcoming improvements that will make it easier for you to share your hobbies with others or see more people’s hobbies that might be sharing theirs with you.

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