Spectacular Dolls, Barbie Dolls, and Barbie-like Dolls is proud to announce starting in August 2023, a new consignment of DOLLS for sale. These spectacular, mostly new, never-before-opened dolls are Barbie Dolls or Barbie-like dolls. The KQ Doll Collection is a treasure of collectible dolls of various types, sizes, shapes, brands, and colors. Use this page or our search features to view the dolls as fast as they appear. Where applicable, bid on the dolls and try to beat the out the competition. Or, put the Dolls you want in your cart and buy them now. ShowMyHobby will combine your selections and ship them to you in as few packages as possible.

Since the Barbie movie by Mattel Films was just released in theaters on July 21st, 2023, talks with KQ and family, caused them to agree that now is a great time to offer the collection to others who might want these fabulous dolls, as we had discussed the possibility of putting the collection up for sale briefly the previous Christmas season.

There are over 50 dolls in the KQ Dolls Collection. Be a little patient with me as I do my best to present these dolls to you. KQ would love for you to have one of her precious dolls.

Here is a preliminary list of the dolls in alphabetical order from the KQ Barbie Dolls Collections. All of these are probably not Barbie’s made by Mattel. And this list is provided prior to my complete examination and research of the dolls. So, corrections may be made as I get to each doll. I will provide links directly to the dolls from this list as I enter the dolls into inventory.

QTYName of the Doll or ItemCondition
11959 Barbie (Original) 35th Anniversary 1993 ReproductionNew, Never opened.
11959 Barbie (Original) 35th Anniv Blonde Hair KeychainLike New, (may have been opened)
11959 Barbie (Original) 35th Anniv Brown Hair KeychainLike New, (may have been opened)
1Barbie & Kelly Halloween (1996)Unknown
1Bay Watch BarbieUnknown
1Bay Watch KenUnknown
1Bubble Angel Barbie (1994)Unknown
1Caroling Fun (1995)Unknown
1Chuck E Cheese BarbieUnknown
1Cinderella (Disney Classics)Unknown
1Cinderella (Sparkle Eyes)Unknown
1Country Bride BarbieUnknown
1Class of 96 GraduationUnknown
1Easter Basket BarbieUnknown
1Emerald Elegance BarbieUnknown
2Greeting Cards (don’t know if these are dolls or cards yet)Unknown
1Holiday Season Barbie (1996)Unknown
1International Barbie (Travel)Unknown
1Kool-Aid BarbieUnknown
1Little Debbie FigurineUnknown
1My First Barbie PrincessUnknown
1NASCAR Barbie Doll 50th Anniversary EditionNew, Smushed Box
2Paperdoll (Number One)Unknown
2Paperdoll (Ponytail Swirl 1964)Unknown
1Picnic OutfitUnknown
1Polly Pocket StacieUnknown
1Polynesian BarbieUnknown
1Pretty HeartsUnknown
1Ruby Romance Barbie (1995)Unknown
1School Time Fun (1995)Unknown
1Sleeping Beauty Barbie DollNew, Smushed Box
1Snow WhiteUnknown
1SOLO in the SPOTLIGHT Barbie Doll Special Edition ReproNew, (package wrinkled)
1SOLO in the SPOTLIGHT Barbie Keepsake OrnamentUnknown
1SOLO in the SPOTLIGHT Barbie Blonde Hair KeychainNew, (Might have been opened)
1SOLO in the SPOTLIGHT Barbie Brown Hair KeychainNew, (Opened to take photos)
1Stacie Outfit (Feeling Fun)Unknown
1Steppin Out Dressed for a night on townUnknown
2Stocking HangerUnknown
1Sun Jewel BarbieUnknown
1Valentine Sweetheart BarbieUnknown
1Valentine Fun Barbie (1996)Unknown
1Winter Fantasy Barbie (1996)Unknown
There may be more dolls and items that need to be added to the above list.

I will update the list of Brands that are in the collection as I encounter them. For now, I know for a fact that I have already seen dolls made by the following manufacturers:

  • Disney
  • Mattel

You may want to get one of these dolls either for yourself or a loved one. They will make excellent Christmas Gifts.

Because it is taking me a very long time to take and process the pictures for a lot of the items that need to be posted on the website, this link will show photos that I have taken but not yet removed from my Google account. The photos only have the date and time names that the cellphone assigned to them when the photos were taken. However, there is usually a photo for each item that identifies the item. Until I can process each picture and make a listing an attach the correct photos to a listing, you may be able to browse through the photo album and see something that you are interested in. If a listing appears for a DOLL that doesn’t have any photos attached to it, DO NOT BUY IT YET because this means that the Weight and Dimensions of the package for that doll is incorrect. Right now, I am not delivering dolls or taking them to any Sales Events, so all dolls have to be SHIPPED. They shouldn’t be any listings appearing for dolls without photos, however, on September 28th, I will/did import a lot of items from the All Consignments spreadsheet and some dolls could get or may have been imported accidentally.

1st Published: August 12, 2023. Last Updated: September 28, 2023.
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Here are the dolls that are currently available now: