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Welcome to Show My Hobby dot com – a place for everyone to show their hobbies, eventually.

My name is Sheena.  I will be your showgirl while you’re here.  I had a co-host named Michael.  However, on June 24th, 2021, we discovered that a previous update has caused us to loose Michael.  For the foreseeable future, I will be your only speaking host.  Perhaps one day, Michael will return.

I will narrate what you see here on Show My Hobby dot com.

Eventually this site will become a place for everyone to show their hobbies of all kinds.  Whether you like to collect coins, dollhouses, planes, government documents, precious metals, glass figurines or whatever tickles your fancy, this will be the place for you to record your items online.  Some subscribers will use this site just so they can have a quick and easy, always available location where they can see and access their own collections.  Others will want to use this place just so they can share their hobbies discretely with others.

Quite some time ago, I discovered that as a model train collector and hobbyist, there didn’t seem to be one good piece of software to allow me to maintain an inventory of my items on my own computer or on the web.  I researched this for years and every now and then someone would pop-up and claim they had a good way of doing it, but they didn’t, or they couldn’t keep their product and site space operational long enough to get a good following.  None of the hobby manufacturers seem to want to conform to some sort of standard online database.  As I increased my collection with new, old and used items, I would attempt to get online and search out the original manufacturer’s and try to ascertain more information about the items I had.  Sadly, most of the manufacturer’s completely deleted their no longer produced items from their websites or they went out of business, merged or were sold to another company.  EBay became a most valuable resource for looking up old items but the information found there was based solely on whatever description a seller wanted to apply and many times, people put as little as they could, feeling that pictures conveyed the most reliable information possible and less was better.  Even eBay began to offload its past sales information quicker and quicker and giving some of the information to one of its subsidiaries, WorthPoint, to sell again to anyone willing to pay to see the price of past sales.  If one is an appraiser buying that data makes since, but as a regular hobbyist and average user of eBay, I didn’t feel compelled to buy any pricing data from WorthPoint and I’m certain I’m not alone in my decision.  Sites like Pinterest are good for putting together a lot of pictures about what your hobby or interest may be, but it doesn’t work well for providing a user with a sense of exactly what is in their own collection or its value.  And last but not least, it doesn’t provide a good guided tour of the items in a collection without the user doing all the work.  In my opinion, the presentation was poor…

Anyway, 5 domain names were registered in order to one day create a solution to my woes: ShowMyHobby.com, MyHobbyShow.com, ShowcaseMyHobby.com, MyHobbyShowcase.com and ShowcaseHobbies.com.  Four of these websites currently arrive at the same location because that is what these sites are all about.  Towards that end, the beginning stages of this site will first store my own personal items which at the time of this writing exceed 10,000 individual pieces.  Next, it will store items belonging to friends and others I come directly in contact with who wish to use this site as a distribution portal to get rid of their items.  While doing so, those friends and clients will help me tweak the site with their feedback while I work on the ultimate method of presentation which if I have my way will be an experience that no other website currently offers.  It will provide the best solution to this scenario:  The items in my collection are physically where I choose to put them.  Some of the people I would like to share those items with live in other states across the country.  They cannot come enjoy my hobby or my collection with me.  If all I did was take a few pictures of the items and post them on Facebook, Pinterest or send them to them, it would be very hard for them to get a real sense of what I do or the items in my collection or those related to your hobby.  There is a better way and that is what this site is all about.  It is about providing the best way possible to collect, store, publish and share the aspects of a hobby with others while at the same time having full anytime access to the information about your collection or hobby.  If I have my way, when you enter one of your items was mass produced, a wealth of information about the item will be available for you to inherit, attach to, excerpt from or use as resource whenever you wish.  You will also have the ability to buy or trade items with other members (especially others that are involved in your same hobby) as well as the general public that visit the site.

Look around.  Leave feedback.  And when membership becomes available to the general public, sign-up and start uploading the particulars of your hobby.  You will be able to do so using CSV files and Excel spreadsheets.  Soon you will be able to download our templates for these file formats so that you can pre-fill them your inventory and when you’re ready to upload, the site will handle thousands of items for you.  You didn’t think I was going to retype over 10,000 items again, did you.  I built the site right from the beginning to be able to ingest thousands of items at a time as fast as the servers can process it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Late evening on September 8th, 2023, a decision had to be made regarding some ridiculous and unappreciated processes implemented by eBay.  eBay chose to hold payment on items sold on their platform.  They insisted that I ship the items before paying me, even though the buyer already paid them for the items.  This doesn’t sit well with me and doesn’t uphold ShowMyHobby’s selling practices.  Additionally, it goes against the suggestions of the eBay Managed Payments supervisor whom I spoke to when eBay decided they would take over payments instead of continuing their relationship with PayPal and letting PayPal handle the payouts.  So, all listings on eBay were ended and the sales cancelled.  Any references that you see here, in videos, or in consignment agreements that mention items are appearing on eBay are hereby changed.  No more items from ShowMyHobby will be listed on eBay as they planned to continue to hold all of my future payouts for 15 days minimum and after confirmation that an item was delivered.

In order to buy an item and receive it from ShowMyHobby.com, you must purchase the item and pay for the items, plus tax and shipping, at the time you place your order.  Once payment has been received for your order, the item will be shipped to you promptly, typically the next business day after I receive notice that payment has been received in the ShowMyHobby.com account.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  NO REFUNDS FOR ITEMS PURCHASED ARE PROVIDED.  READ the description of the items posted for sale.  EXTENSIVE TIME AND EFFORT is put into every item listed for sale.  This is done so that YOU know EXACTLY what you are buying.  I provide the level of detail in the description of each item that I would like to know about an item in order to purchase it myself.  I am EXTREMELY PICKY.  So, the information that you see displayed about an item is as much about it as I know or could find out.  The conditions of an item are EXACTLY what I say they are.  If I don’t know an items condition or description, I will tell you in the description.  This is the REASON that there are NO REFUNDS.

Occasionally, buyers may wish to purchase multiple items.  Now that the purchasing can only be done via this website, this website does a very good job of bundling multiple items and determining the appropriate size box for those items to be put in for shipping.  However, the occasion may arise when you may be overcharged for shipping multiple items that you put in the shopping cart.  This is the only time that you may receive a refund and that refund will be at my discretion and initiated by me.  The only refund provided is a portion of the overpayment you paid for shipping after I ship the item.  For instance:  If the items you purchased presented you with a $17.95 shipping charge and my actual cost to ship those items to you was only $12.95, then the difference between what you paid and what I paid exceeds $1.50 by ($17.95 – $12.95 – $1.50 = ) $3.50.  I would refund $3.50.  You might receive a little more or a little less than this, depending on the PayPal transaction fee rates to refund you the $3.50.  Sometimes, PayPal gives you back a portion of their fees.  Sometimes, they don’t.  Sometimes, they reduce what you get back by additional fees.  I think the situation has to do with how soon the refund is issued after your payment was processed.  Your country’s currency may also have something to do with the amounts removed from any refunded shipping charges.  There will also be a note provided with the transaction to let you know that the amount you are receiving back has to do with your overpayment of shipping fees.  DO NOT ASK FOR THIS REFUND.  If it is warranted, you will receive it.  NO OTHER REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.  ITEMS ARE ALSO NOT RETURNABLE.

If you have questions about an item or are uncertain about any item you see for sale on this site, please contact me PRIOR to making a purchase.  The PRICES you see displayed ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE FOR ITEMS SOLD VIA THE WEBSITE.  Train related items are occasionally offered at TRAIN SHOWS in North and South Carolina.  Some negotiations of the prices at live shows are possible.  However, understand that the MAJORITY of the items for sale at Train Shows are on consignment and it is my duty to try to get a fair and handsome price for the items sold so that I can keep the consignors happy with their commissions and therefore get more items to provide to customers.

If you live local to Belmont, NC and wish to purchase some of the large Dolls or many doll items at once, you may contact me and let me know that you wish to pick-up the doll(s) in person.  This may save you quite a bit in shipping costs.  The 2 largest Porcelain Dolls might cost nearly $50/each to ship so if buying both of them at the same time, one could easily save $90 or more in shipping costs just by picking them up.