Donations needs a museum building as a home for its trains and other hobbies. It also needs to hire some programmers to speed-up the development of this site. There are some wonderful ideas for this site that will benefit a lot of people as soon as the ideas can be implemented. You can help this venture grow by providing monetary donations. You may also donate trains and radio controlled (RC) vehicles. However, I am running out of room for physical donations until a building can be built. You may consign your hobbies to help as well.

Click the Donate button below to make a donation. All monies donated will be received by HJR Global Network Enterprises and will be used to further the development of and a building to be used as a museum for the display of model trains, and other hobbies. The museum building will also continue to provide videos and documentation of model trains and other hobbies.

The donation page provides a pull-down menu selection whereby you can choose from 5 different ways for to honor your donation. The levels are as follows:

  • Anonymous Donation = Your name, location, and amount will not be published.
  • Brass = Your First Name and State will be published in a list of donors and contributors.
  • Copper = Same as Brass and will include your City as well.
  • Gold = Same as Copper and will receive the same information etched onto the building materials in a viewable place. Available to those donating between $2000 and $4999.
  • Platinum = Same as Gold and will receive same information provided in a display case inside the building and on a Passenger list on a named passenger car to coincide with a seated figure inside a model passenger car. You will also be sent a static display gift of a model train. Available to those donating $5000 and more.

The building for the museum is currently limited to 750 sf by zoning regulations. However, if enough funding can be raised in order to purchase more land in Belmont, NC, the square footage can be increased according to the size of an acquired lot. Currently, the plans are to build a commercial grade metal structure.

I gladly welcome corporate sponsors and businesses. I can dedicate and customize model buildings, train cars, and vehicles such as containers on 40′ and 50′ trailers with advertisements that include business names, phone numbers, and slogans for donations of $10,000 and more annually (which could easily be established using the weekly or monthly subscription amounts, selectable on the donation page. For instance, a monthly donation of $860 for 12 months would result in just over $10,000 being received [PayPal charges 2.89% + $0.49 per transaction for domestic donations]).

Below are some of the designs for the current 750′ sq. ft. museum building. The desired layout is still being created. Photos showing the layout design will be added soon.