Athearn HO SCL 40′ Quad Hopper Car #416235 Assembled 1760


Athearn 1760 SCL Quad Hopper Car #416235

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HO scale Athearn Seaboard Coast Line (SBD) Steel Open Quad Hopper Car #416235

Might be Athearn Item #: 1760

Here is an interesting hopper car.  It was received assembled.  However,  it is unknown whether or not it was factory assembled or put together by a previous owner.  There are no indications on the wheels that this car has ever been operated on any tracks.  It comes in an Athearn Blue Box that originally had “1760 SEABOARD HOPPER CAR” on the label.  Someone marked through that with a black permanent marker.  I may have written in pen “SEABOARD HOPPER CAR SCL 416235” on the label after discovering that is definitely the car inside the box.  This car can make a very good addition to your model railroad.  It has a brown shell with light white lettering.  It has 4 black non-operating bay cover doors, brake wheel, black plastic low-profile wheels with metal axles, and frame-mounted hornhook couplers.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 in


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